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The Real Estate Agents Authority (REAA) is the independent, government regulatory body for the real estate industry in New Zealand. If you want to carry out real estate agency work you must be licensed under the Real Estate Agents Act 2008, unless you are exempt.

Licensing details may be found here.

Eligibility to hold a licence?

Before you apply for a licence you must meet the eligibility criteria for the relevant class of licence. You cannot be licensed if you do not meet these requirements.

Salesperson's licence requirments

A salesperson's licence allows the licensee to carry out real estate agency work for or on behalf of an agent.

A salesperson must be supervised by an agent or branch manager when carrying out any real estate agency work.

To be eligible for a salesperson's licence you must:

What qualifications are needed?

Before you can become licensed you must hold the appropriate qualification as prescribed in the Real Estate Agents Licensing Regulations 2009.

See the previous page on how to obtain the appropriate qualification from the Open Polytechnic.

If you are unsure whether you have the necessary qualifications please contact the Real Estate Agents Authority..

Does my application need to be advertised?

Before you send your application for a new licence to us you must advertise your application twice in a newspaper or newspapers approved by the Registrar. A list of the approved newspapers is provided below.

Your advertisements can be placed prior to you receiving your National Certificate, but not before you are eligible to receive this - you must have completed ALL of the requirements of your course.

The advertisements must be no more than 14 (calendar) days apart, and must be worded as set out in the appropriate form.  This form is part of the licence application pack (see top of page).

You must attach copies of the advertisements to your licence application to prove when and in what newspaper you advertised.

Refer to section 39 of the Act and regulation 7 of the Licensing Regulations.

Anyone can object to the granting of a licence to an applicant. The requirement to advertise is intended to give potential objectors the opportunity to do so. If someone wishes to object, they can only do so on the grounds that you do not meet the eligibility criteria set out in section 36 of the Act or are prohibited from holding a licence under section 37.

The REAA allows an objection period of 17 days from the date of the second advertisement.  No applications are approved until this period has expired.

Selling Land by Auction:

Any licensee can sell or offer to sell land by auction without having to be licensed under the Auctioneers Act 1928.  However branch managers and salespersons can only do this when acting for or on behalf of an agent.

How much does a licence cost?

New Licence Application

Application fee


Operational levy


Disciplinary levy









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