How Is Stirling Real Estate Property Management Different?

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Handing Keys To Prospective Tenants

We NEVER hand keys to prospective tenants so they can view properties. We consider this is a serious security risk. A dishonest viewer could get a copy of a key, and gain access to a property at a later time.

Key Box

No keys are left on property in a Key Box. We feel that keys held in this manner may constitute a security risk.

Viewing Property

We ALWAYS arrange for prospective tenants to be accompanied at viewings. Unaccompanied viewers entering a home occupied by someone could lead to claims of theft.

Commission Rates

We aim to have our commission rates towards the low end of the scale charged by Real Estate companies, as we believe in competing both on service and price. Our commission rate on rents collected, and work undertaken on the landlord behalf is 8% plus GST.

Letting Fee

We do not charge landlords a fee for letting a property. Letting fee of one week rent plus GST is charged to the tenant.

Other Fees

  • All fees are disclosed in our Service Agreement. These are
  • Quarterly inspection. Fee is $25.00 plus GST
  • Attendance at Tenancy Tribunal $50.00 plus GST per attendance
  • $2.00 per month if physical posting of statements is required.
  • That's all folks

Advertising Costs of Vacant Properties

For basic advertising there is NO FEE. This free service covers photographing the property, inclusion in our Hutt News advertising panel, on our website, Text Message To Tenants system, street side signage (where considered applicable) and in printouts to prospective tenants.

Extra advertising can be arranged at landlords cost.


We use a world class software package to control all aspects of our Property Management business. This package is New Zealand developed, and fully supported, to ensure it complies fully with the Residential Tenancies Act 1986.


We have a pool of tradespeople we use who we consider honest and reliable, and who give excellent value. We will use tradespeople nominated by property owners if required.

Landlord Funds

We hold all landlord funds segregated in a separate Trust Account. This Trust Account is subject to regulatory control.

Licensed Under REAA 2008

Stirling Real Estate is licensed under the Real Estate Agents Act 2008.


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